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Ignorance under your fingernails

Burning behind your eyes

You can do it, I will watch
I am Mekura, a teenaged highschool student from Western Canada. Victoria, B.C., to be more specific. I'm on the edge of seventeen, about to fall to my doom of adulthood. I guess my journal would be about my... life, just like everyone else's. Or am I wrong? Do we write about other things now? In that case, whatever I choose to write about.

Also, you can't forget you bought her shortbread cookies for 2.57 euros, and if you don't remember, that's a very, very good thing.

Hm I probably should add more to this? I don't know.

Well anyways the lovely ucnu112 (crap I don't know how to make it a linky thingy) did my Friends Only Banner! I'm sure y'all could find him/her on his LJ site. Or on Graphic_arts! (Crap again!)

I think I really should elaborate more:

I am a Filipina living in the capital of B.C. with many other pinoys and pinays. I am a metalhead. Some of my favourite bands are in my interests. Current song: Final Product - Nevermore. I like to write poems, but I don't consider myself a poet. I also like to write fiction, but I don't consider myself a writer. I like to draw, but I don't consider myself an artist.

Uhm, I don't remember what else I was going to say... ugh Maury's so distracting.

agatha christie, all marvel series, american misto, american tail, anime, badminton, ballroom, baseball, basketball, biking, bioshock, black, bleach, boarding, boston red sox, breakdance, brian jacques, chrono trigger, cold case, constantine, cooking, counter strike, csi, cyber six, dancing, david beckham, disney movies, drawing, dream theater, drinking, everquest, family guy, filipino food, final fantasy, friends, fushigi yugi, futurama, gambling, golfing, gourmet jelly beans, grammar, guildwars, guy gavriel kay, gymnastics, halloween 4, halo, hearts in atlantis, hip hop, hitman, hockey, home alone, hyper police, in flames, iron maiden, jetskiing, jigglypuff, kings quest series, linkin park, lion king, lord of emperors, machine head, mahoromatic, mandarin oranges, manga, manhunt, margaret atwood, megadeth, metal, metallica, metropolis, milk chocolate, mmorpgs, motor head, mudvayne, mystical ninja, nintendo, nissan 350z, nowadays, oliver and company, opeth, oryx and crake, ottawa senators, pantera, phillipines, pizza, playing clarinet, playing guitar, playing piano, playing saxophone, pokemon, programming, ps3, psyduck, racing, ramnstein, rice, rice noodles, robot chicken, rollercoasters, sailing to sarantium, salsa, sanctity, scary movies, seadoing, sega dreamcast, seinfeld, shrek, simpsons, singing, skating, skiing, slayer, slowpoke, snowboarding, snowmobile racing, snowmobiling, soccer, sour candy, starbucks, stephen king, suikoden, super smash bros, sushi, symphony x, tango, tenchi, tennis, the darkest road, the summer tree, the wandering fire, tim hortons, toking, tool, toronto, victoria, video games, volleyball, wakeboarding, walmart, wow, writing, xbox, xbox 360, yuu watase, zelda